Beginners Guide to Surf In Fiji

Fiji, thanks to its warm, tropical climate and fantastic swells, offers one of the finest surfing conditions on the planet. The island nation has a reputation for being an ideal surf destination, and while this title can be flattering, it can put off aspiring surfers who would like to learn to surf in the spots of Fiji. Surf spots in Fiji may be quite limited for new surfers, but here’s a beginners guide to surf in Fiji that’s sure to help you set your travel plans.

Beginners Guide to Surf in Fiji

Tavarua Island is home to three well known reef breaks: Cloudbreak, Restaurants and Tavarua Rights. Beginners Guide to Surf in Fiji | photo by Steve Tulk

“For the casual surfer, perhaps an even greater attraction is uncrowded waves. The only beach breaks for novices are at Sigatoka, otherwise all surfing breaks over shallow razor sharp coral reefs with a wipe out bound to graze, but more likely will cause deep infectious cuts – this is for experienced surfers only.”Read expanded information from Fiji Travel 

“Sigatoka is situated at the mouth of the Sigatoka River on the Coral Coast just 70 km from Nadi International Airport. The town is main commerce center for the Coral Coast region, with a population of over 10,000 people.

The Coral Coast has been a popular holiday destination for many years. It was one of the first areas in Fiji to be developed for tourism, with a number of large hotels and smaller accommodation options. Located on the south-western side of the main island of Viti Levu, it is easily accessed from the coastal Queen’s Highway that runs between Nadi and Suva. The beaches vary along this coastline.” This info courtesy of Coral Coast Fiji

Global Surfers Shares These Details On Surfing Sigatoka:

“Type Occasionally barreling  Direction left and right  Suitable for Beginners Lenght of ride 50-100 meters lenght Crowds an empty line-up  Localism Not found here  Best wind direction: north ,north-west  Tide mid  Hazards Some sharks have been sighted close to the river mouth, and the black sand gets very hot!”  Read more from Global Surfers

“Best on low tide, small swells, and light winds, Sigatoka can produce fun lefts and rights, but watch out for the strong currents. Budget accommodation is available at Club Masa Surf Camp.

Some resorts and surf schools also rent boards. Since most of the good waves are in remote areas you should take everything you need, including spare fins and several leashes.“  Read original post here.  

Other than this beginners guide to surf in Fiji, bring along your basic surf gear with you, such as your surfboard, wetsuit, and surf wax. Budget-friendly surf camps are available in these surf spots, so you might want to sign up for one. Also, remember that safety is priority. Make sure you bring someone with you every time you head to the ocean to surf since Fiji’s waves can be challenging for beginner surfers.

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