Enviro Friendly Surfboards Better For The Ocean

While the ocean is sure to smile every time you hit the waves using enviro friendly surfboards, the same can’t be said for your pockets. These surfboards are way more expensive than “normal” boards, with prices ranging from $1,500 to a whopping $25,000. The figures are enough to make anyone cringe, but hey, if you can afford it, you’re doing Mother Nature a favor here.

Enviro Friendly Surfbords

If anyone is aware of the health of the oceans it’s surfers. They’re the ones who not only see, but sometimes actually swim in the waste that we discard like plastic bottles, disposable plastic bags, and cigarette butts.

Enviro friendly surfboards better for the ocean

Become an enviro friendly surfer | photo by demoshelsinki

And while the ocean’s health is definitely a priority for any wave rider, many surf gear manufacturers haven’t had the same eco-sensibilities.

Well, that’s all changing. Surfers impassioned by both the sport and the ocean are taking responsibility and making changes to turn surf into an even greener sport.

For centuries surfboards were made out of wood. Not exactly sustainable, but not the worst either. Then in the 1950′s the advance of fiberglass and polystyrene foam (also known as styrofoam) blew the board industry out of the water, as wood was quickly being replaced by the lighter, cheaper, environmentally toxic materials for the sake of time and money.

Sure, some surfers dedicated to the art felt the innovation tainted the integrity of the sport, but most fell victim to the changing guard, grabbed onto their new lighter gear and rode on. Problem is, the production of styrofoam creates massive amounts of toxic chemical (and possibly cancer-causing) waste, which has since been found to then leach those chemicals back out into the ocean and air. Thankfully a new era has dawned and greener surf gear is being made more available—which is both a good thing for the Earth and the art of surf.

Enviro Friendly Surfboards Sustainable Wood Surfboards:

  • Hess Surfboards create custom boards made from both reclaimed and sustainable wood and cork.

  • Ocean Green EcoFoil Surfboards harvest balsa wood from sustainable forests in Nicaragua to create their hollow blanks—to keep them light and performance-driven, that are then sealed with 100% organic hemp or cotton skin.

  • Grain Surfboards are made in the United States from locally-harvested, sustainable-yield wood products like cedar.

Eco-Friendly Alternative Surfboard Materials:

If you’re like me, you want to do your part for the environment, but you can’t afford one of these boards.  That’s ok.  Do what you can by buying the enviro friendly surf products you can afford. Envirosurfer is an online store focused on enviro friendly products.  Click on the photo below to see what Envirosurfer has to offer.

Envirosurfer Eco-friendly Surf Shop

 Surfboard manufacturers and surfboard shapers team up to come up with enviro friendly surfboards. The process of shaping surfboards leaves behind a kind of dust that helps absorb oil spills. Know the full details on how it works here.

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