Number One Surf Spot in the World

There are hundreds- maybe even thousands – of surf spots around the world, so selecting the one best spot would be tough, I would think.  But the team at CNN put their reputation on the line by declaring a “best.”  And according to CNN, Pipeline in Oahu Hawaii is the number one surf spot in the world.

Pipeline Named Number One Surf Spot in the World

Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii - #1 Surf Spot | photo by Simon Shaw

Number One Surf Spot in the World

“Here it is — the daddy of all waves. It’s the site most surfers will never be good enough to surf, but dream of riding its perfect crest.

Aptly, it’s located at the island that created surfing, and is one of the heaviest waves in the world, scaling over six meters over a shallow base of razor blade table reef. If you’ve got the balls, charge this flawless water tube and experience one of nature’s finest creations.

Getting there: Fly into Dillingham Airport on north shore and get a taxi or drive to Ehukai Beach Park in Pupukea (expect to pay around US$50 for airport transfers).” Read the original post at CNN.

What makes Pipeline the number one surf spot in the world? For the answer to that we turned to Gorp, the experts in adventure travel and outdoor sports.

“Monster waves. Huge wipeouts. Hawaii is, of course, America’s surfing Mecca, and the North Shore of Oahu is the state’s Holy Grail. Seven miles northeast of Haleiwa is a wide stretch of beach along Kamehameha Highway that includes parks like Sunset Beach, Ehukai Beach, and Pupukea Beach. And in winter, the really big surf rolls in. The hottest place to board? Just west of Ehukai Beach Park; here you’ll find the much celebrated Banzai Pipeline, a spot where the shallow water and coral shelf combine to create powerful tubular waves that resemble pipes, thus giving the place its name. When the surf is calm, this stretch of beach can be good for swimming. But if the surf’s up, beware! The Pipeline at full strength is unforgiving, even for the pros.”   Read more.

No doubt about it, Pipeline in Hawaii is the number one surf spot in the world.  But it is NOT intended for beginning surfers.  So if you want to watch some masterful surfing, check out Pipeline.  But if you want to surf yourself, Pipeline is not for the inexperienced.  Have you surfed Pipeline?  If so, we’d love to hear about your experience.

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