Carver Skateboard is Great Out-of-Water Surf Training Tool

Carver skateboard product review by Nate Beck.

The Carver skateboard, at 31” long and 9 7/8” wide, is designed to replicate the feeling and movements of surfing and it does an excellent job of doing just that. The component that makes the Carver different from any other skateboard is its unique front swivel truck design called the C7 truck. Not only does the front truck move side to side like a normal truck, but it also swivels around a pivot point just in front of the truck allowing the rider to make tighter more carving turns and the truck springs back to center after releasing the turn.

The Carver solves one of the most difficult parts about learning a surf maneuver. You know how hard it is to practice a maneuver over and over because every wave is different. And let’s be honest, in some sessions you just don’t get that many waves. Be it because of crowds, tide, swell period or whatever, it can be difficult to perfect a move because you can’t replicate the situation on a frequent enough basis.

This is what makes the Carver skateboard so valuable. You can practice that cutback repeatedly until you have an understanding of how you need to shift your weight, what your head, shoulders and hips should be doing, and how to lay into it. Then you can take your moves to the ocean.

I’ve been riding skateboards for 10 years and the Carver is unlike any other skateboard I’ve ever ridden. For those of you who use other surf training methods such as an indo board you’ll get a completely different experience when you ride the Carver skateboard.

If you’re looking to improve your surfing, this is the perfect tool to work on your skills when the waves aren’t ideal. It rides best down mellow hills, banks, and smooth streets.  The Carver isn’t for someone who is just looking to cruise. This is a performance-oriented skateboard that focuses on improving your surfing.

I first started riding the Carver in late December when we got a demo board in the surf shop I work in. I liked it so much my boss gave me one of my own as a Christmas gift.  I ride it almost every day. It’s a great way to fine tune the subtle movements of hips, shoulders, arms and head and how they work together. It helps me practice pumping down the line and cutting turns.

Carver Skateboard pivot makes it great surfing tool to improve surfing skills

The only real downside I’ve found to the Carver skateboard is it felt a little “squirrely” at first but once I dialed it in, I started seeing the wave in front of me as I was pumping it down the street.  It’s the front swivel truck that makes it feel squirrely and is exactly why it’s like surfing – it’s just different than other skateboards so your mind equates it to skateboarding instead of surfing. Once you get over the mind-play, it’s not a problem at all.

The Carver skateboard will set you back about  $200 and it’ll be the best $200 you’ll spend towards improving your surfing ability.

Stop by your local surf shop and check out a Carver skateboard for yourself or visit Carver Skateboards website for more information on this fantastic training tool to improve your surfing skills.


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