Surf Spot: Bundoran Ireland

The surf spot of Bundoran, Ireland is no place for beginner surfers. Or so it seems. The folks behind sent one of their men Mark Folens to this surf spot and see if Bundoran is indeed a hostile environment for surfing newbies. Is it possible to learn surfing in Ireland? Mark clues you in on his experience:

Surfing in Mullaghmore, Ireland | photo by Colm Walsh

Surfing in Mullaghmore, Ireland. 20 minutes from Bundoran | photo by Colm Walsh

“Bundoran is not your typical surfing town. There are no palm trees; no stalls of luminous plastic sunglasses. The beach is not teeming with bronzed demigods or dreadlocked men brandishing ukuleles. But that’s part of what makes it so special. That, and some of the best waves in the world.

This patch of coastline is home to The Peak – one of the most famous waves in Europe – and the almost constant swell means the breaks here are consistent. The European Surfing Championships has twice been held in Bundoran (including last year).

The awesome waves “for which Bundoran is renowned,” says Lonely Planet, have Stormrider Surf Guides describing the coastal town as a “true surfer’s paradise.” Read the entire story here.

There’s even more to this surf spot of Bundoran, Ireland than just surfing.  This year, Bundoran will again host to the Sea Sessions Surf Music Festival. The event is open to all surfers who love both surfing and music.

Sea Sessions 2012

“Last year the Expression Session was the first speciality event ASP Europe endorsed in Ireland or the UK, and saw the best of Europe pitted against the best in Ireland and the UK. It’s a testament to the quality of the event that’s staged here in Bundoran and also the quality of the waves in the area that it’s happening again this year” said festival organiser and co-owner of Bundoran Surf Co. Pete Craig “The format is simple, the best move/wave depending on conditions wins the heat, simple as.”   Read the original post here.

Has the surf spot of Bundoran, Ireland, sparked off your curiosity yet? Learn about the surf music festival here.

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