Who Else Wants To Try Fu Surf Wax….For Free?

Win a bar of fu wax | like Facebook.com/SurfingNewsInfoWhat’s all the fuss about Fu Wax? The Brazilian surf wax that’s everywhere…the fuss that is. Stab magazine reported Taj Burrow brought 20 kilos of the surf wax back from the Billabong Pro Brazilian last year.

Surfer magazine wrote about it last April saying, “today’s progression in surfing is calling for an evolution in wax.” And they posted the story on their website.

There’s so much buzz about the Brazilian wax that BubbleGum Surf Wax, in an attempt to demystify their new competitor, wrote about it on their own website!

“If I hear another word about FU Wax (surf wax from Brazil) Im gonna barf! C’mon guys, you would think the guys that are touting this stuff would be smarter, I mean after all they (Kolohe Andino, Taj Burrow, Ect) are amazing surfers. But do you think the wax they use is really making the difference rather than the boards they ride or even fins? Not to mention the physical training and hours spent in the water. If you think your gonna use FU and surf like them, good luck. Having said that, if its super sticky, soft wax you want – no problem! We’ve had that formula on the shelf for years. As a matter of fact, we make small batches of it for select pros all the time. I just dont understand the hype behind FU, its soft sticky wax, over harder wax (or base coat) . . . . nothing special. I wish it was more complicated than that, but its not. Its funny how a few random comments can start a fire. Its all in your head!”  Read the original post here.

Surfers are even buzzing about it in forums, asking if anyone’s tried it, if it’s as great as the pros say it is and how bummed they are they can’t get it in the U.S.

My buddy Steve, at the Sidewedge, was down in Brazil in February and he reported that you CAN now get Fu surf wax here in the U.S. but I haven’t yet found it.

As you know, if you’ve been following Surfing News Daily, one of our reporters is returning from Portugal after a two month surf trip there. Given the strong historical, cultural and economic ties between Brazil and Portugal, I’m guessed this Fu Brazilian Surf Wax would be available in Portugal and asked him to pick some up and bring it back.

Sure enough – Fu Wax was in every surf shop in Portugal. Our writer tried it but he didn’t like it. He said it was too sticky for his taste. But that’s just him.

Who else wants to try fu surf wax? Surfing News Daily is going to give away a bar every week in June and July. We’ll draw a random winner each week from our Facebook community. All you have to do is “like” Surfing News Daily (note:  it’s Facebook.com/SurfingNewsINFO if you go looking for it outside this link.)

We’ll post the winners here, on Facebook and on our Twitter feed.   Why are you still here? Go like us on Facebook!

Win a bar of Fu Wax



18 thoughts on “Who Else Wants To Try Fu Surf Wax….For Free?

  1. Cool promotion!

    It is super sticky. I mean like, “leave a residue on your hands” sticky and it will also leave some weird residue inside your wax pocket but it works.

    In Florida, it was at the Red Dog Surf Shop at New Smyrna.

    Anyways, jump on the chance people! Plus, we all need wax on our boards.

        • Sorry – didn’t mean to imply anything against YOU when I referenced the label. I find humor in how the manufacturer phrases it. “ultra cool water.” Just not something I’d ever say to describe “cold water”.

    • Did you follow us on Facebook? That’s where we draw the winners from every Friday. facebook.com/surfingnewsinfo Good Luck!

    • Assume you’ve “liked” us on Facebook. That’s where we draw winners from. Every Friday. Facebook.com/SurfingNewsInfo. Best of Luck.

  2. Im a huge fan of Sticky Bumps and have been since first sight and use but Im willing to try FU…Send me a bar. Ill give you a real reveiw instead of words you wanna hear to get free stuff. If it works Ill tell ya, If its crap Ill tell ya. I dont BS. So yeah Im down to try something new on my stick and if Its as good as Im hearing Ill make a switch….Ken

  3. You guys do realize that holding a contest on Facebook based on ‘likes’ as a means of entering a sweepstakes is against their T&C’s and could get your page shut down? Tisk Tisk.

  4. I’m always down for tryin new wax. Can’t say I’m satisfied with any on the market. Good luck with your venture!


  5. Tried Fu for the first time at the 2012 Hurley Lowers contest. Works really well.Do not advise to use without some sort of protection on the chest though.

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