Another side of Mick Fannings shark attack

There is no doubt what happened to Mick Fanning was anything less than terrifying. No doubt. Was Mick Fanning in danger? No doubt. But the crew over at do pose an interesting and quite compelling point of view on the situation. Regardless what you call it, an attack, a bump, a friendly g’day mate let’s hang out, we cannot let this incident cause us to lash out against sharks and justify actions that are morally and ethically wrong. Because when you break it down, we are in their territory when we surf. Period. End of story. We know and accept the risks that come with paddling out and we knowingly do so anyways. The crew here at SND completely agree and stand in YFH’s corner on this issue. With the huge spike in media traffic to the professional surfing world, over 14 million views in less than a day, we as surfers and stewards of the ocean are called to control the reaction. Rather than freaking out and “getting back” at the man in the grey suit, we need to educate ourselves further on these magnificent animals to raise public awareness and understanding that they are not monsters.


The concern is that a high profile incident like this will be misconstrued to reinvigorate the war on sharks, and be used as a vessel to justify cullings, shark nets and the various other heartless processes we’ve put in place thanks to a few unjustly terrified voices. So let’s take this undoubtedly scary moment for what it is, and nothing more.

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