The Best Way To Learn To Surf

Surfing is considered one of the most popular water sports in the world. So it isn’t surprising that plenty of people are interested in learning how to surf. And if you’ve never surfed before, it appears to be an easy and effortless activity. But the truth is, just like any other sport, surfing also requires serious effort and dedication. To learn to surf in the best way, here are some points to keep in mind.

First, you must know how to swim. You don’t have to be a spectacular swimmer to be able to surf but you do need to know how stay afloat when you’re off the board. For starters, solid basic swimming skills will do you fine. However, if you decide to make surfing a longtime thing, improving your swimming skills is a good idea.

Next, check out surfing-tutorial videos on YouTube. There are loads of videos on the Web site about how to surf. Watch as many of these videos as you can. These help give you a clear idea on what to expect when you begin to surf. While these video tutorials are helpful while you learn to surf, nothing beats having someone in the flesh teach you the techniques and tips of surfing. Thus, what you need to do next is to take surf lessons or sign up for surf camp.

Learn to Surf at Surf Class Ventura CA

Learn to Surf at Surf Class Ventura CA

Surf lessons or camps are the best way to learn to surf as they teach you practically everything and they provide all the gear you need; the surfboard, wetsuit, booties, surf wax, etc. These lessons or camps are experts in working with beginning surfers. You can expect to learn the surfing basics like how to balance on the surfboard to more challenging maneuvers like how to catch a wave. You’ll be taught how to paddle, pop up, perform a turtle roll, stand up on the surfboard, and dismount from the board. And this is just the beginning.

The great thing about surf lessons or camps is the instant feedback you’ll get from your surfing instructor. Aside from providing hands-on training, your instructor can also point out what you need to do to improve a certain technique. Whether you’re paddling too slowly or standing too stiffly, you’re assured your instructor is there to teach you how to do it the right way.

As a beginner surfer, you need to accept that you’ll make mistakes while you learn to surf. Don’t be embarrassed when you fall off your surfboard; everyone does when they’re learning. For the first few times, you may be freaked out by the idea of being caught underwater, an event known as a “hold down” in surfing lingo. When this happens to you, stay calm and keep your head clear. Never panic. Mentally prepare for the possibility of experiencing a hold down in your surfing lessons, as this will help you stay calm when it actually happens.

Do you want to partake of the best way to learn to surf? My recommendation is Surf Class in Ventura, California. That’s because that’s where I learned! Or if you can afford to go outside the U.S., check out Costa Rica Surf Adventures. I went to one of their surf camps to learn advanced surfing techniques but they also offer beginning surf lessons. I’ll personally attest to how great these guys are too. Other than these two specific schools/camps, I’d suggest that you go to beaches known for beginning surf lessons like Waikiki in Hawaii or Cocoa Beach in Florida.




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