You Don’t Have To Suffer From That Rank Booties Smell In Your Car

Your Friends Will Thank You!

I have a good friend who is notorious for leaving wet booties and towels in his Ford Escape after surfing. When you’d get in his car it had that rank booties smell that every surfer knows comes from wet neoprene and wet towels left to bake in a closed up car in hot temperatures.
So I was amazed last weekend when I went to visit him and got in his car and there was no smell. “Haven’t been surfing lately?” I asked him. And was surprised when he said he’d been out that morning. “Finally outgrown leaving wet booties and towels in the back?” I asked. Wrong again.

He showed me a product he had found that absorbs that rank booties smell. The Overture Charcoal Bag. This simple, product can be hung in the back of your car, inside your wetsuit or put inside your board bag to absorb the odor-causing toxins, prevent bacterial growth and thereby eliminate the bad smell.

Charcoal Bag Removes Rank Bootie Smell in Surfer’s Car
If you, or someone you know, has this odor problem, get a charcoal bag and eliminate your problem. This is the only product I have personal experience with that actually takes that bad, wet booties smell out of the vehicle. And I’ve been around wet neoprene for 20+ years! What makes it even better is the charcoal bag is safe for the environment. The charcoal bag reportedly lasts for a year (my friend hasn’t had it that long, so I don’t know first hand about this) and after a year, you can release the charcoal into a yard/garden. Horticulturalists profess that charcoal “has some purifying value mixed into potting soil” and ”another thinks it’s a nutrient. Other gardeners thought charcoal scattered in the garden might repel cats & surely would repel slugs,” says gardening website

Admittedly, I’m not a gardener, but I do like to use products that don’t harm the environment so to find this Charcoal Bag that solves that rank booties smell AND doesn’t harm the environment when I’m finished with it….well that’s pretty cool.

The Overture Charcoal Bag sells for $18.95 but you can get a no-name bamboo charcoal bag that does the same thing directly from the manufacturer for only $6.97 at