Board Breakdown: Top 10 SIMA “Surfboard of the Year” 2005-2015

Every year SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association) hosts an awards gala where they announce the best of the year. Everything from board shorts to boards are involved and it got us wondering, over the past ten years, what has taken home the prize as board of the year?

Lets break it down.



Back in ’05, SIMA did not give a “Surfboard of the Year” but rather a “Board Builder” award.

In 2005, it went to Channel Islands out of Santa Barbara California. CI has been known as a dominant board manufacturer for years and boasts one of the best surf teams. No surprise thats where the prize went in ’05.


SIMA continued with the Board Builder award in ’06 and it went to Surftech. For those unaware, Surftech out of Santa Cruz was started over 25 years ago with the basis that all these companies make great surfboards but are unable to mass produce them to make them global. Surftech stepped up to the plate and not only made that happen, but also introduced new materials to make boards lighter and stronger.


2007 is the year SIMA went to awarding a certain shape “Surfboard of the Year”. For the first year the award went to Firewire Flexfire. Firewire’s Flexfire was also a leap forward in board construction with Future Shapes Technology and Parabolic Balsa Rails both designed to better return memory to its original shape even after years of use.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.01.09 PM




What was special about 2008 is that the award went retro showing the entire industry that it was not all about what Kelly Slater happens to ride! Congrats to Channel Islands Biscuit for barging in and changing the landscape. The Biscuit was developed with groovy So Cal legend Rob Machado. Its short and wide outline made catching and riding smaller waves more fun than a traditional thruster. Check out Rob Machado surfing the CI Biscuit in small North County San Diego waves!


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