Bobcat Drags Shark Out From Surf

When we step off the land into the ocean we are entering a whole other world, and there are reminders everywhere. Jellyfish, stingrays, sharks, the list of animals that can harm us are endless. However (and this goes straight into our awesome category) it seems as if one of the land dwelling locals at a popular Florida surfing beach got a bit tired of the shark population at the Sebastian Inlet. That land dwelling local was a full size bobcat, and it fought and drug a shark clear out of the ocean onto the beach. With the increase of shark attacks in the past month, we can only assume the bobcat is on our side.

Bobcat: 1 Shark: 0

Many species of cats are great fishers, and bobcats are no exception. But one bobcat created an extraordinary fish tale when it pulled a shark out of the surf.

The dramatic moment was caught on camera by John Bailey in Vero Beach, Florida, Monday night, when he was walking along Sebastian Inlet State Park. Bailey has not yet responded to a request for comment but he told local media that he saw the cat fishing in the surf.

Suddenly, the cat leaped and dragged a shark three to four feet long (one meter) out of the water…

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Photo cred: John Bailey