First Surf Expedition to the DPRK


Have you ever dreamt of going on a surf expedition where no one has been before? Find perfect waves by using a map rather than a surf report? Become the Gerry Lopez and G Land of the twenty first century? Well here is your chance! Italian surf expert Nik Zanella is hosting a surf expedition to the coastal waters of North Korea. Yes you read that correctly. North Korea. Now as the website reads, the first expedition seems to be booked but seeing as its a fairly vast coastline with probably little to no surf tourism, it is possible that round two will come up quickly.



We are serving up a totally new surf destination for all you surf fans: NORTH KOREA! We’ve assembled an expert team of surfers to track and analyze the weather patterns for over a year and we’re happy to report that the pristine beaches and rocky outcrops of the Hamhung and Sijung area on the east coast receive a fair amount of swell from a 90 degrees easterly window. We’re now offering YOU a chance to surf these virgin waves through a DPRK surf exploration camp led by ISA Course Presenter and current coach of the Chinese National Surf Team, Nik Zanella – AND – North Korea expert, and Uri Tours Founder and CEO, Andrea Lee. The first part of the expedition will include analyzing surf weather patterns in the DPRK and identifying ideal surf spots, using data that Nik and his team have compiled over the past year. The second part of the expedition will be a surf camp that will include an in-class exploration seminar, on-the-spot guidance (on surf, that is) as well as practical surf lessons. This will be a great chance also to mingle with the first local surfers. We’ve received the proper permissions to invite North Koreans who want to learn to surf to participate in this inaugural surf camp. We’re stoked to introduce them to the awesomeness of surf. When we’re not surfing, participants will get an unparalleled travel experience while we visit the iconic sites in Pyongyang and drive cross-country through remote parts of the countryside to get to the coast. This is bound to mark the epochal opening of DPRK to the art of wave riding. We’re inviting surfers of all levels to join us in this incredible and historical surf expedition and to be a part of bringing surf to North Korea!!

Photo and trip courtesy of URI Tours