Jail? Nope Im going surfing in fiji




This is Shammy. We’re going to do a big dangerous stunt in Los Angeles tomorrow that will probably get me in a lot of trouble, and you can watch it happen via a live stream, right here on Facebook, starting at exactly 7pm PST. See you then… #yeahdude


If you haven’t seen or heard, Jackass star Steve-O had quite the night the other night. In protest to SeaWorld, he came up with a stunt much more dangerous than anything we’ve seen on Jackass. Equipped with an inflatable orca, a Blackfish t-shirt, and fireworks, Steve-O claimed a 100 ft construction crane towering over Hollywood with a stunt for the ages. Obviously about the time he got to the top, calls were into the LAPD which rushed to the scene with 80 fire fighters preparing for a possible suicide attempt.

Steve-O (while filming the ordeal and posting on his Facebook “Anyone want to bail me outta jail”) inflated the orca which he had painted “SEAWORLD SUCKS” on it, hung the inflatable off the crane, and lit off a firework. The Jackass star proceeded to climb down while helicopters circled above, was arrested and subsequently spent the night in jail.

Released on $5,000 bond the next morning with a court date of August 31st looming, he realized it’s just about the perfect window. Perfect window for what? Well, he’s always been the “Go Big or Go Home” type and has lived up to his reputation by posting on snapchat (steveotv) that he has his boards packed and his headed to Fiji! Don’t let the man get you down Steve-O!

Pic taken from Steve-O’s Facebook.