Mick Fanning donates thousands to shark attack victim!

The healing power from a hair raising encounter.

Mick Fanning, three time world surf champion, almost shark victim, and now a life saver. Mick Fanning shot into the pop media a few weeks ago when he experienced a rather harrowing shark encounter at a WSL contest in South Africa. 60 Minutes hopped on and invited Mick Fanning to guest on their show to talk about the encounter and film his first surf after the encounter (where he saw another shark) and pay him a cool $75,000.

Meanwhile 32 year old bodyboarder Matt Lee is laying in the hospital clinging onto life. Matt was attacked by a great white a month ago and has since been undergoing multiple surgeries and been placed in a medically induced coma in an Australian hotel. Lee was body surfing a spot in New South Wales when both of his legs were bitten.

Mick and the 60 minutes crew planned on meeting up with Matt during the exclusive but unfortunately Matt had another surgery that day. Instead of just forgetting about it, Mick Fanning donated his ENTIRE appearance fee to Matt along with Channel 9 head David Gyngell donating another $25,000. You can visit the support page for Matt and follow his journey here.

Mick, you’re an inspiration to us all, in and out of the water!


Photo from Matt Lee’s Facebook.