Slurpee Waves anyone?

There are those fearless burly surfers. The ones who don double the rubber as those in California. The ones who trudge through snow. The ones who spread vaseline on their face to stop frostbite. Then nature comes back and throws them yet another curveball. Lets look back at the phenomenon dubbed as “Slurpee Waves” that happened in Nantucket this past winter.


“When I got to the top of the dunes, I could see that about 300 yards out from the shoreline the ocean was starting to freeze,” he told

Waves were turning to slush, so Nimerfroh started taking photos of the Slurpee waves and the images started going viral Thursday.

Frozen waves are photographed on Nantucket, Massachusetts. Photo by Jonathan Nimerfroh used by permission
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Photos by Jonathan Nimerfroh