Surf Journalist Michael Scott Moore Finally Home

Finding freedom.

Surf journalist Michael Scott Moore is finally free. Hailing from Los Angeles, Moore wrote a well respected history on surfing entitled “Sweetness and Blood” that was named a Best Book 0f 2010 by The Economist. Moving to Berlin in 2005, he began writing for Spiegel Online International often covering the topic of Somali pirates. Then in 2012, while in Somali researching piracy, he was abducted. A few days after being taken, Navy SEAL Team rescued two aid workers from Somali pirates in the region causing his abductors to demand a 20 million dollar ransom for Moore. 977 days later, American officials and German Foreign Ministry were able to negotiate his release and we are happy to report he’s doing well!




Michael Scott Moore, captive in Somalia. Photo: Diplomat.So

American journalist Michael Scott Moore, best known in the surf world for his 2011 book Sweetness and Bloodwas released by his kidnappers Tuesday after being held ransom for almost three years. Moore was in Somalia conducting research for a book on piracy. On January 21, 2012, Moore was captured by a group of armed men as he made his way to the airport en route to a flight to Kenya. His captors immediately took him into hiding in the port town of Hobyo where they spent a few days settling on a ransom demand before alerting the international press.

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Picture courtesy of Surfer Mag