Top 5 Southern California Surf Spots!

In most states we’d name the top surf spots for the entire state. But there are so many great waves in California that we need to break it down by region. For the top 5 California surf spots south of Los Angeles, we turned to the locals at The North County Times; the newspaper serving North San Diego County. Here’s what they recommend as the top five surf spots south of Los Angeles:


Unique features: There are three distinct breaks here, called Uppers, Lowers and Middles. Each features a high-performance wave, which also attracts huge crowds almost all year long.

Who surfs here: Everyone takes advantage of one of the finest breaks in the nation.

Ability needed to survive: Intermediate

Oceanside Harbor

Unique features: It’s a beach break with solid surf between two jetties that typically holds form.

Optimal season: Any time

Who surfs here: Shortboarders. Lots of ’em.

Ability needed to survive: Novice

Oceanside Municipal Pier

Unique features: This is a popular contest site because of easy access and the ability to accommodate crowds. Slightly inconsistent, but it can get good when the wind dies down and the swell is right.

Optimal season: Any time

Who surfs here: Pretty much everyone

Ability needed to survive: Not much


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