Two idiots surf a whale shark.

And the darwin award goes to:

We thought it was bad when Jamie O’Brien mounted a sea turtle. The internet blew up almost as hard as Ando pulling into Kandui’s last week. But now JOB has been bested by these two morons who attempted to surf on top of a Whale Shark. Unfortunately the Whale Shark is quite docile and doesn’t eat meat but we’d be willing to bet the internet and conservation groups will barbecue these two up well done.

A video circulating the Internet this week shows two tourists attempting to surf on a whale shark, while being towed along by a boat.

In the video, two idiots are towed behind a boat while balancing on the whale shark, which they are using as a surfboard. To their sheer amusement, the shark heads underwater in an attempt to forcibly remove the two heavy hindrances. The shark unfortunately doesn’t succeed and becomes more agitated as the boat party of jerks continues to harass the poor fish.

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